Definition of dip one's toe into in English:

dip one's toe into


(also dip one's toe in)
  • 1Put one's toe briefly in (water), typically to check the temperature.

    ‘I'm not going to go in right now, just wanted to dip my toe in the water and see how it felt.’
    • ‘Obviously nobody had any objection to this and Danielle made a huge show of dipping her toe in the water, clutching her arms and sliding silkily into the water.’
    • ‘Steve slipped off one of his sandals and dipped his toe into the water.’
    • ‘At first he dipped his toe in it then, discovering the waters warm and comforting, plunged right in.’
    • ‘She dipped her toe in the water to feel the temperature, and realized it was fairly warm.’
    • ‘Norway was shimmering in unusually high summer temperatures during our stay but dipping a toe into the fjord was still enough to send me straight into the hotel's indoor heated pool!’
    • ‘She dipped her toe in and found it cold, but she wanted to be clean again.’
    • ‘This is something that I can't get my head around, as I need to have the water around tepid tea temps before I can pluck up the courage to dip my toe in.’
    1. 1.1Begin to do or test (something) cautiously.
      ‘the company has already dipped its toe into the market’
      • ‘While in San Francisco, Faulkner began dipping his toe in stand-up comedy.’
      • ‘In fact, up until 2003 (when he began dipping his toe in the cop film genre), I didn't think Shelton made anything but sports comedies.’
      • ‘As always the sensible advice is, if you fancy it, dip your toe in, but don't invest money you can't afford to lose.’
      • ‘The same goes for weekend breaks; an increasingly popular way of dipping your toe into a new culture without breaking the bank.’
      • ‘What are you doing dipping your toe into the cesspool that is politics?’
      • ‘When he arrived he had decided to make a root vegetable bake from his new tiny vegetarian cookbook (as we are his newest group of friends and we are all vegetarians he is dipping his toe into our world of eating).’
      • ‘The actor has been dipping his toe into a variety of genres for years now, something which he admits drives his agent mad.’
      • ‘About seven years ago, Pauric first dipped his toe in the fashion world by designing jewellery.’
      • ‘Last year she took this resourcefulness one step further and dipped her toe into the clothing market for the first time with a ready-to-wear range.’