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DIP switch

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  • An arrangement of switches in a dual in-line package used to select the operating mode of a device such as a printer.

    ‘The last DIP switch, SW6, controls whether the keyboard goes to sleep when the computer does.’
    • ‘The DAT drive was configured for active termination via the appropriate DIP switch.’
    • ‘It is possible that your main board uses a jumper or DIP switch to disable the on-board sound, but this is very unlikely.’
    • ‘All is not lost though, because there are some DIP switches on the motherboard that allow a few more FSB speeds to be used.’
    • ‘The DIP switches make it easy to fix the DHCP if you accidentally disable it’


DIP switch

/ˈdip ˌswiCH/ /ˈdɪp ˌswɪtʃ/