Definition of diphthongal in English:



See diphthong

‘These three models all crucially contribute to my explanation of variation and changes currently observed in the diphthongal system of Seoul Korean.’
  • ‘They are represented by two letters, one indicating the start of the diphthongal movement, the other indicating its end or general direction.’
  • ‘Otherwise the dialect is solidly Midland, and aside from Germanisms bears a close affinity with the Philadelphia area, such as in its use of diphthongal long O and long A.’
  • ‘Thus, ‘bait’ and ‘boat’ are always monophthongs as I say them, but ‘bay’ and ‘low’ may be either monophthongal or slightly diphthongal.’
  • ‘For example, there is no attempt to distinguish between the ‘pure’ O of Italian and the diphthongal O of British English, or between the various R sounds of English, French, Spanish, and German.’



/difˈTHôNG(ɡ)əl/ /dɪfˈθɔŋ(ɡ)əl/ /dipˈTHôNG(ɡ)əl/ /dɪpˈθɔŋ(ɡ)əl/