Definition of diploblastic in English:



  • Having a body derived from only two embryonic cell layers (ectoderm and endoderm, but no mesoderm), as in sponges and coelenterates.

    ‘The transition from diploblastic to triploblastic body plans hinges on the origin of mesoderm.’
    • ‘The other diploblastic phylum, the Ctenophora, surprisingly, has not been reported to have septate junctions.’
    • ‘The anthozoans are diploblastic animals developing from two epithelial germ cell layers: the ectoderm, facing the seawater, and the endoderm, facing the gastrovascular cavity or coelenteron.’
    • ‘Compartmentalization is also the underlying advantage epithelia provide in triploblastic descendants of a diploblastic ancestor.’
    • ‘According to Haeckel, the gastrula stage can be found in the development of all animals, and represents the recapitulation of the ancestral metazoan, the Gastraea, a diploblastic animal with a ciliated gut.’



/ˌdiplōˈblastik/ /ˌdɪploʊˈblæstɪk/