Definition of dipolar in English:


Pronunciation /dīˈpōlər/



See dipole

‘The spatial proximities between labels are determined by heteronuclear dipolar couplings, which are measured by rotational-echo double resonance (Gullion and Schaefer, 1989 ab).’
  • ‘This expression was summed over a Gaussian distribution of dipolar couplings corresponding to a distribution of isolated 13 C- 19 F spin pairs.’
  • ‘Almost certainly it involves the strongly dipolar properties of the interfacial tryptophans that are present in both the [beta] 6.3 and [arrow up] [arrow down] [beta] 7.2 structures.’
  • ‘A small part of this spectral shift probably resulted from dipolar interaction with the AOT polar headgroup.’
  • ‘The major difficulty with 19 F NMR in an anisotropic medium such as bicelles is the expected large residual dipolar coupling, which limits the length of the gradient encoding period.’