Definition of dipole moment in English:

dipole moment


Physics Chemistry
  • The mathematical product of the separation of the ends of a dipole and the magnitude of the charges.

    ‘The prospects for those physicists hoping to detect proton decay or measure the electric dipole moment of the neutron or the electron lie somewhere in between these two extremes, but the potential pay-off in scientific terms is enormous.’
    • ‘An optical lattice is able to trap an atom because the electric fields of the lasers induce an electric dipole moment in the atom.’
    • ‘However, each angular momentum quantum state has a magnetic dipole moment associated with it, so the effect of a magnetic field is to separate the three states into three different energy levels.’
    • ‘For ubiquitin, the only one of the four proteins with a net positive charge at pH 7, the interaction of the dipole moment with the average electric field dominates.’
    • ‘An amazing aspect of this system is that the effective dipole moment of the superconducting qubit is about ten thousand times stronger than in neutral atoms.’


dipole moment

/ˈdīˌpōl ˈmōmənt/ /ˈdaɪˌpoʊl ˈmoʊmənt/