Definition of dipteral in English:



  • Having a double peristyle.

    ‘It was tripteral octastyle on the two narrow sides, and dipteral eikosastyle on the long sides, that is, it was surrounded by 104 Corinthian columns in total.’
    • ‘The temple we see today is an Ionic structure measuring 60 x 118 m, with a dipteral arrangement of two rows of columns with 21 on each side and 10 at each end.’
    • ‘The temple is dipteral with eight columns.’
    • ‘For from the plan of the dipteral temple he removed the interior rows of the thirty-four columns, and in that manner abridged the expense and the work.’
    • ‘Following the regional tradition, the temple was built as a gigantic decastyle dipteral structure, with a cavernous porch extending - almost like an Egyptian hypostyle hall - five columns deep!’



/ˈdiptərəl/ /ˈdɪptərəl/


Early 19th century from Latin dipteros (from Greek, from di- ‘twice’ + pteron ‘wing’) + -al.