Definition of direct deposit in English:

direct deposit



North American
  • The electronic transfer of a payment directly from the account of the payer to the recipient's account.

    ‘They've moved away, for example, from the cash payment for most of the security forces that is rife with corruption to a direct payment, direct deposit into accounts using checks.’
    • ‘Enter your bank routing and account numbers for easy direct deposit.’
    • ‘Additionally, there were widespread reports of robbery at the distribution sites, and it was further noted that senior citizens were distrustful of the banks or had no accounts for direct deposits.’
    • ‘And, for the convenience of our employees, we offer direct deposit for all payroll payments which makes funds immediately available in our employees' personal accounts.’
    • ‘I am again suggesting that the Government go to a payment system of direct deposit for all recurring payments, whether they be retirement cheques or salaries to government employees.’
    • ‘Banks are partnering with universities to promote check cards, offering direct deposit and withdrawal from accounts.’
    • ‘You can use direct deposit for both electronic and paper tax returns.’
    • ‘Sellers receiving payments by direct deposit will be paid twice monthly.’
    • ‘That suggestion is to have their pay cheques or retirement benefits or social security cheques deposited to their bank accounts using electronic funds transfer, better known as direct deposit.’
    • ‘There's also a growing niche for electronic payments between banks, such as direct deposit of paychecks and preauthorized payments of monthly bills.’
    • ‘The problems have kept tens of millions of transactions - including direct deposits - from showing up in Royal customers' accounts and has also affected other banks' customers, who awaited transfers from the Royal.’
    • ‘A systems analyst with the agency misinterpreted information in Ottawa's electronic data banks, preventing direct deposits and generating paper cheques instead.’
    • ‘We decided it would be more expeditious with direct deposits,’ she said, citing the large staffing operation that would be required to replicate the Texas operation in other states.’
    • ‘The suggestion that ADP was to blame, not that Air America had not met payroll requirements for ADP to make direct deposits, is loony.’
    • ‘But I wouldn't be at all surprised, Mr. Secretary, if a direct deposit has already been made to my private bank in Geneva - and for a considerably larger sum.’
    • ‘More oldsters seem to be resisting direct deposit, the Associated Press reports.’
    • ‘Urge the Defense Finance and Accounting Service to establish procedures for direct deposit of retired and annuitant pay to foreign banks.’
    • ‘FEMA officials have pledged to make direct deposits into evacuees' bank accounts on an individual basis some time in the future, but with many victims left with no mailing address or open account, such a plan is fraught with problems.’
    • ‘There is always direct deposit or bank cheque as a safe method of payment.’
    • ‘That includes 3.7 billion direct deposits of payroll and reimbursement checks, investment proceeds and government benefits to individual accounts, which were collectively worth more than $4 trillion.’