Definition of direct mail in English:

direct mail

Pronunciation /dəˈrɛk(t) ˈˌmeɪl/

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  • Unsolicited advertising sent to prospective customers through the mail.

    ‘some charities depend on direct mail to get support’
    • ‘a direct mail campaign’
    • ‘Critically evaluate the steps that companies can take to ensure that their direct mail does not become junk mail.’
    • ‘To many marketing managers, direct marketing means direct mail.’
    • ‘They will promise not to send you any more direct mail or annoy you with telemarketers.’
    • ‘Those who argue that the activity should not be policed more strictly than direct mail in the post are wrong.’
    • ‘The Star Trib also has been shifting away from telemarketing in favor of direct mail.’
    • ‘The Direct Marketing Association estimates 22 million items of direct mail are sent to dead people each year.’
    • ‘Then there are those who automatically toss direct mail directly into the trash.’
    • ‘Print, direct mail and Internet support the promo, which also runs in the fall.’
    • ‘To reach sellers, the company sends out millions of pieces of direct mail a year.’
    • ‘He reinforced the spots with direct mail, sending out pieces almost every week.’
    • ‘If you want to distribute them, send them out by direct mail or pass them out in mall parking lots.’
    • ‘So why do we keep sending direct mail and expect that someone is going to read it?’
    • ‘Most mail houses will handle direct mail, postage, addressing, imprinting and mailing.’
    • ‘Support also included store fixtures signage, employee incentives and direct mail.’
    • ‘Readers in Jacksonville also report they are receiving direct mail and e-mail from Macy's.’
    • ‘Old-fashioned direct mail was also used to promote the site and the film.’
    • ‘Seniors are also one of the few target groups that actually take the time to comb through their mountains of direct mail.’
    • ‘Ferguson says consumers are weary of traditional methods such as direct mail.’
    • ‘Promote your event or issue in a leaflet delivered by volunteers by ad mail, or by direct mail.’
    • ‘One Republican respondent said that money is better spent on direct mail, telemarketing and events.’
    letters, cards, correspondence