Definition of direly in English:



See dire

‘It is also very positive that leaders are making the right noises at this very crucial transitional time in our history, and hopefully this will be the start of inner-party reconciliation, which is so direly needed right now.’
  • ‘Since much of the economic activity, at this time, and as acknowledged time and time again, is directed by Government, if the corridors are correct, then it is time for corrective measures that are direly needed.’
  • ‘Well, the airport is now direly underused - only 300 passengers go through it every day - and, not surprisingly, it's a continual money-loser.’
  • ‘This scene sets the seriocomic mood - the ends of getting laid seem direly serious, but the means are laughable - and introduces the conflict that initially propels the plot.’
  • ‘In that year, he direly forecasts, ‘you're either going to have to raise the taxes of the people or reduce the benefits.’’



/ˈdīrlē/ /ˈdaɪrli/