Definition of dirge-like in English:



  • (of music) having the slow, mournful character of a dirge.

    ‘a dirge-like rendition of ‘The Internationale’’
    • ‘She walks slowly in a circle to the beat of a dirgelike drum.’
    • ‘The ballet ends with a slow, dirgelike walk offstage by the entire cast.’
    • ‘The sequence is accompanied by dirgelike music, which eventually becomes a sung lament.’
    • ‘The dirgelike humming of Lorna Simpson's nearby video installation was audible in the background.’
    • ‘A somber dirgelike music seems to announce a death.’
    • ‘The dirgelike song was not a smash.’
    • ‘Each song delivers short, thudding, dirge-like rock with the same bleak atmosphere.’
    • ‘The score breaks into a dirge-like rendition of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."’
    • ‘The heavy, dirge-like music combined with dark, haunting lyrics combine to take you on a trip through the darkest parts of your soul.’
    • ‘The acoustic guitar's melody is pretty and downbeat and the percussion is interesting, almost dirge-like.’
    • ‘It is steeped in references to Arthurian legend and there are chunks of dirge-like opera, during which the story grinds to a halt.’
    • ‘The casual greeting of "peace, man" that had dominated the jolly 1967 Summer of Love had been replaced by the dirge-like chanting of the word "OM".’
    • ‘The hushed, dirge-like song closes the album as it opens, with beautifully reflected sorrow.’
    • ‘The langorous, minimalist melodies are as wonderfully dirge-like as ever.’
    • ‘Her melodies match the melancholy mood of her vocal timbre, using protracted, dirge-like lines for an effect that may initially seem haunting, but eventually gets pretty old.’
    • ‘Before they get a chance to turn on the dirge-like music which means our little speech-slot is over, I bounce over to the microphone.’
    • ‘The band's sound included syncopated drum beats, a prominent bass line that flirted with funk rhythm, and a dirge-like guitar.’
    • ‘The dirge-like sounds coming out of the orchestra are anything but cheerful.’
    • ‘The new album incorporates vocal laments from Eastern Europe and a dirge-like hymn from a Croatian church congregation.’
    • ‘His songs have a hymnal quality, their insistent melodies dirge-like.’
    mournful, melancholic, melancholy, plaintive, sorrowful, sad, lamenting, doleful



/ˈdərjˌlīk/ /ˈdərdʒˌlaɪk/