Definition of dirt track in English:

dirt track

Pronunciation /ˈdərt ˈˌtrak/ /ˈdərt ˈˌtræk/

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  • A course made of rolled cinders for motorcycle racing or of earth for flat racing.

    ‘The athletes paraded onto the dirt track to the cheers of fans from their home city-states.’
    • ‘He'd rather be at a dirt track, a NASCAR track or a road course every night.’
    • ‘The two friends were left staring after the caravan as it slowly rolled away down the dirt track.’
    • ‘If I go to a local dirt track somewhere to race, I can get almost so nervous that I get sick before the race.’
    • ‘So I took this car, put on some new sheet metal and went to a quarter-mile dirt track.’
    • ‘Our dirt track is the best in America, and the turf is among the top three or four.’
    • ‘At this point, I decided to make my overdue pilgrimage to the loft, about a mile away along a dirt track.’
    • ‘The grass track is quite tight and is inside the dirt track.’
    • ‘‘Even though it is outside the turf track, the dirt track is the sharper, believe it or not,’ he said.’
    • ‘His father, Alan, raced Late Models on a local dirt track, and Craven began attending races when he was five years old to watch his dad.’
    • ‘Heavy rains left the course wet and unsafe and track management moved all of Monday's races to the dirt track, which was labeled fast.’
    • ‘Fantastic Light will be one of the leading contenders for the Classic although he has never previously raced on a dirt track.’
    • ‘So, for me, every Saturday night I was racing at the local dirt track I had that stress, so I can only imagine the Chase for the Cup.’
    • ‘Various classes of competitors take 10 laps around the dirt track to qualify for the 20 lap trophy races.’
    • ‘She looked up nervously as hooves thudded on the dirt track.’
    • ‘The dirt track is similar in composition to Gulfstream's track, but Van den Broek said the training track would not be as fast.’
    • ‘She said they had an estimate of between £20,000 and £30,000 from a private contractor to build the dirt track.’
    • ‘The three-lap, bareback race takes 73 seconds with hairpin turns and thousands of people crowding a dirt track.’
    • ‘Vic sat lazily on top of his car, watching Cray's Barracuda circle the dirt track out back of Renfield's.’
    • ‘We paralleled the asphalt road on a narrow dirt track that used to be for four wheelers, when anyone had time or money for recreation.’