Definition of dirty martini in English:

dirty martini


  • A cocktail made with gin (or vodka), dry vermouth, and a small amount of olive brine, typically garnished with a green olive.

    ‘the only accessory a dirty martini needs is an olive’
    • ‘Sadie took a sip of her dirty martini.’
    • ‘I am currently drinking a dirty martini and pondering whether or not to dump you.’
    • ‘Then she's sitting on the next stool, drinking a dirty martini, and marveling at the coincidence of this meeting.’
    • ‘For the record, if you were to see me in a bar and wanted to buy me a martini, you'd have to make a dirty martini, as that's my preference.’
    • ‘My wife is skipping this one but let me tell you she makes a mean dirty martini.’
    • ‘I had to explain to a bartender what a dirty martini was.’
    • ‘A waitress, pad poised with working pen, fields your requests for Sauza margaritas, no salt, and dirty martinis.’
    • ‘Our host had prepared a home bar for our arrival and we made dirty martinis with sweet and sour pickled carrots as stirrers.’
    • ‘The impromptu debate, over light beers and dirty martinis, was at once mundane and remarkable.’
    • ‘This will save you the pain of accidentally hitting their number by mistake, or after 13 dirty martinis at the casino.’
    • ‘We had stopped by to drink dirty martinis and watch the singers for a while.’
    • ‘But first you'd have to ensure that the barkeep makes a good one, because dirty martinis seem to be notoriously difficult to get correct.’
    • ‘Glitzy venue, hugely impressive dirty martinis but a very poor sound system - not a place to boogie but a good starter for an evening out.’
    • ‘I passed many evenings at the apartment he shares with my sister, escaping the wet heat, drinking dirty martinis, playing cards, and being beckoned into his basement studio.’