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usually in singular
  • 1An instance or fact of someone or something ceasing to be visible.

    • ‘the sun's disappearance at night’
    vanishing, fading, fading away, melting away, passing from sight, receding from view
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    1. 1.1An instance or fact of someone going missing or (in coded political language) being killed.
      ‘the police were investigating her disappearance’
      • ‘The unexplainable disappearances had seemed to cease for now.’
      • ‘He said the police had been informed and were now investigating the mysterious disappearance.’
      • ‘Despite the account being well publicized in all the papers, the mysterious disappearance had remained unexplained.’
      • ‘The difficulty in dealing with her mum's sudden disappearance was compounded when Sam discovered she was still living nearby.’
      • ‘In "Faithless, " two sisters explain the strange disappearance of their mother.’
      • ‘Examination and comparison of these sources of information would help to resolve many cases of enforced disappearance.’
      • ‘Parallel examination of these varied sources of information and evidence would resolve many cases of enforced disappearances.’
      • ‘As we earlier observed, the Supreme Court itself described enforced disappearance as the worst crime against humanity.’
      • ‘Woodward starred as the Scottish policeman investigating the disappearance of a little girl.’
      • ‘After weighing the pros and cons Don decided not to report the disappearance to the police.’
      • ‘His family did not hear from him in the days after the attack and reported his disappearance to the police.’
      • ‘She refused to make a written statement about the events surrounding the disappearance of her daughter.’
      • ‘But they said he wasn't a suspect in his wife's disappearance.’
      • ‘Durocher did not say how police were alerted to the girl's disappearance.’
      • ‘Both parents are struggling to cope with their daughter's disappearance.’
      • ‘The boy whose disappearance sparked national awareness of missing children has never been found.’
      • ‘Her disappearance sparked a huge police search, with appeals going out across the UK.’
      • ‘His disappearance prompted extensive searches by mainland police, family and friends.’
      • ‘His disappearance prompted many to go and look for them.’
      • ‘Her family exchanges uneasy looks as they all wonder how to broach the subject of her son's disappearance.’
    2. 1.2The process or fact of something ceasing to exist or be in use.
      ‘the disappearance of grammar schools’
      • ‘The disappearance of some processes may be offset by an adequate technical record taken on site from those who worked in obsolescent industries.’
      • ‘But we are visibly stunned by the disappearance of one of those monuments to our own magnificence.’
      • ‘What more can one say except that a lot of us will feel, in heart and body, a continuing sense of loss at the disappearance of this admirable business.’
      • ‘Marc noticed the sudden disappearance of her smile.’
      • ‘Liberalisation has meant the almost complete disappearance of the manufacturing industry in a country such as Jamaica.’
      • ‘However, war, natural disaster and negligence has led to their gradual disappearance.’
      • ‘Wells et al. observed the disappearance of rare species at a highly disturbed study area following watershed deforestation.’
      • ‘"Insulin sensitivity " was defined as the ability of insulin to enhance glucose disappearance and inhibit hepatic glucose production.’
      • ‘I defined species loss as the disappearance of a species from a plot subsequent to mowing.’
      • ‘It will be a great loss to Croydon if we see the disappearance of Turtles and it is interesting that they always get chosen by people as one of the most helpful shops in Croydon.’
      • ‘The disappearance of the library was a loss to Alexandria's eminence.’
      • ‘The disappearance of mangroves will also lead to the loss of such precious native wisdom, says the booklet.’
      • ‘If approved, it could mean the loss of several hundred jobs and the disappearance of some of the landmark chimneys.’
      • ‘‘The disappearance of fallow areas will also be a loss for the biological diversity of the sanctuary,’ Buergin reported.’
      • ‘This led to the disappearance of trees and streamside vegetation - and the loss of beaver habitat.’
      • ‘The point is that capital movement works to bring about equality of interest and the disappearance of entrepreneurial profit and loss.’
      dying out, dying, death, extinction, coming to an end, ending, passing away, passing into oblivion, expiry, vanishing, perishing, withering away, petering out, fizzling out
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/ˌdisəˈpirəns/ /ˌdɪsəˈpɪrəns/