Definition of disbandment in English:



mass noun
  • The breaking up of an organized group.

    ‘the disbandment of the old army meant that they could start afresh’
    • ‘Garbage have scrapped their European tour amidst speculation of an imminent disbandment.’
    • ‘Despite the group's disbandment, the four members would still meet every month.’
    • ‘The only circumstances in which they could call in all outstanding debts would be in the event of their own disbandment.’
    • ‘A meeting last week, called to vote on the disbandment of the committee, sounded the death knell for the organisation.’
    • ‘The government will hope that it's on a path, however long, to disbandment.’
    • ‘Our local regiment has been earmarked for disbandment.’
    • ‘The Labour leader proposed a resolution, backed by all parties, calling for the disbandment of all paramilitary organisations.’
    • ‘The Army Board used as one of their reasons for disbandment a unit's recruiting and retention record in the last ten years.’
    • ‘Prior to the end of the Civil War, little thought was given to how the war would end, much less to the processes of disbandment.’
    • ‘The RHD promptly complied and announced its immediate disbandment.’