Definition of disbud in English:


verbdisbuds, disbudding, disbudded

[with object]
  • 1Remove superfluous or unwanted buds from (a plant).

    • ‘If only about 60 percent of the better stems are staked with canes and the other lateral shoots removed through disbudding, the plant forms bigger, and more showy flowers.’
    • ‘If you're interested in displaying roses for competition or just producing a nice specimen for the dinner table, try disbudding a few of your roses.’
    • ‘Dormant cuttings are saved for bench grafting, stored in the cold; after soaking in fungicide solution, rootstock cuttings are disbudded and scion cuttings are cut into one-node pieces.’
    • ‘Every family in the village has some land with tea plants, and generations of the villagers are involved in making tea by disbudding leaves and stirring them in big pans.’
    • ‘Violets that are being repotted should be disbudded.’
    1. 1.1Farming Remove the horn buds from (a young animal).
      • ‘The code of recommendations for the welfare of livestock says only a trained and competent stock-keeper should perform disbudding and ideally a vet should do it.’
      • ‘We do not routinely disbud animals other than wethers, so if you would like to purchase a disbudded kid, make sure to let us know so it can be done early.’
      • ‘The use of naturally polled breeds avoids the need to disbud animals.’
      • ‘A good time to disbud your kid is when he or she is 3 to 7 days old. The animal's potential for healing will be good at this time.’
      • ‘The majority of Pygora breeders do disbud their animals at an early age for their own convenience.’