Definition of disc camera in English:

disc camera


  • A camera in which the frames of film are formed on a disc, rather than on a long strip.

    ‘Lucky for them the disc cameras were being phased out, and were thus omnipresent in bargain bins.’
    • ‘If, instead, they had put a better quality lens in a smaller package, the disc camera may have actually succeeded.’
    • ‘The only disk camera maker in the country, started producing the cameras in April at a rate of 100,000 a month.’
    • ‘The disk cameras, ranging in price from $27.95 to $59, are to be delivered this June.’
    • ‘The only disadvantage is that the disc camera takes a few seconds to display each picture, while those displayed on a chip camera screen will appear instantaneously.’
    • ‘A little over twenty years ago, the disk cameras were the largest selling format in the world, and these camera phones produce even better pictures than disks did.’
    • ‘The company introduced these tiny disc cameras in 1982 and hoped that the high-quality lenses and precision manufacturing would compensate for their tiny image.’
    • ‘Since funds were quite limited in the world of a graduate student, I purchased a housed disc camera.’
    • ‘In the early 1980's the disc camera was launched, these cameras are extremely thin due to the use of disc film.’
    • ‘Through the disc camera, they were attempting to develop proprietary film technology that would give them an advantage over competitors.’
    • ‘My first camera was one of those disk cameras, the film was this round disk.’
    • ‘I do think this disc camera is of much higher quality than the one I owned when I was younger, but I don't think it warrants me buying disc film to find out.’
    • ‘Very funny that you bring the disc camera up, I was just thinking about this camera the other day.’
    • ‘My very first camera was a disc camera, so I have a lot of very fond memories of them.’
    • ‘The Disc Camera made a big splash when introduced in 1982, but soon lost their popularity among users.’


disc camera

/disk ˈkam(ə)rə/ /dɪsk ˈkæm(ə)rə/