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  • 1A personal follower of Jesus during his life, especially one of the twelve Apostles.

    ‘Jesus' apostles and disciples in the early Church felt the importance of prayer ahead of missionary activity.’
    • ‘As Christ said to his disciples, there are certain types of devils that can only be chased by fasting, sacrifice, and prayer.’
    • ‘This woman and this man were, in the most concrete way possible, the first disciples of Christ.’
    • ‘Even when the disciples obeyed Christ, and expected something extraordinary, they seem to have felt the tug both ways.’
    • ‘As the disciples awoke Christ to help them in the storm, so the children of God ‘awaken’ him in prayer.’
    • ‘Christ taught his disciples to pray that their sins would be forgiven, but he himself never prayed such a prayer.’
    • ‘We can believe in the resurrection as a fact because eleven out of the twelve disciples died as martyrs testifying to the resurrection and deity of Christ.’
    • ‘The same applies to the twelve and the seventy disciples sent out by Jesus to preach and to heal as his representatives.’
    • ‘With the twelve disciples, in a large upper room, Jesus observed the Passover supper.’
    • ‘He had with him at that time all twelve of his disciples.’
    • ‘Peter and John were followers of the Baptist and both became disciples of Christ.’
    • ‘The people were the first disciples and the community was the early church.’
    • ‘St. Peter, who was a fisherman, was one of Jesus Christ's closest disciples.’
    • ‘Jesus Christ and his disciples are portrayed in a traditional Kerala style in the Last Supper.’
    • ‘On a Sabbath Jesus and His disciples were walking through a field.’
    • ‘In Christian mythology, the resurrected Christ meets two disciples at Emmaus, but it is only at supper that they finally recognise him.’
    • ‘No where in the Scriptures is it recorded that the Christ used the term ‘Christians’ for His disciples.’
    • ‘Later, as Jesus was being tried by the High Priest, his disciple Peter was challenged and denied knowing him - just as Jesus had predicted.’
    • ‘Jesus called, formed, and sent out twelve disciples with the name of ‘apostle’, meaning someone sent.’
    • ‘Firstly, Christ and his disciples healed people physically as an attestation that Christ was indeed the promised Messiah.’
    1. 1.1A follower or student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher.
      ‘a disciple of Rousseau’
      • ‘Those who had been disciples now became teachers, those who had been masters became pupils.’
      • ‘Pius II said of Catherine: ‘She seemed to have been a teacher rather than a disciple.’’
      • ‘All the great leaders, teachers and revolutionaries have been disciples of some degree, whether they were conscious of the fact or not.’
      • ‘He started with 78 followers and disciples, but the numbers increased by the day.’
      • ‘Mala, with her two disciples impressed the students, most of them coming straight from examination halls, with the sheer grace of the art.’
      • ‘His disciples and admirers have decided to set up an organisation after his name which will be a befitting tribute to remember him by.’
      • ‘This solution is unacceptable to everyone except School economists and their disciples.’
      • ‘He left no disciples, but only admirers of his scholarship and conviction.’
      • ‘His most fervent supporters occasionally sound like disciples rather than supporters.’
      • ‘Spencer was a social philosopher and a disciple of Lamarck.’
      • ‘An outstanding teacher, he has many disciples in the country and abroad.’
      • ‘It is easier for a couple to perform together when the husband is the teacher and the wife is the disciple.’
      • ‘Every Design Master has acolytes and disciples that assisted and facilitated process.’
      • ‘Then gradually, as his disciple, I became his assistant and then when he could not attend the classes, one day he told me, ‘This is your time, now you take it.’’
      • ‘Our Straussian disciple starts out like any graduate student-hapless, insecure, and terrified that he might not make the grade.’
      • ‘At the level of the heart connection, mutual passion links the teacher and disciple.’
      • ‘Some students were frightened away, but a circle of disciples remained, many of whom became world-renowned leaders in the field.’
      • ‘And many of Plato's classical and medieval disciples strained to make a more concrete reality out of his metaphors.’
      • ‘He saw himself as the guru and his students as disciples.’
      • ‘The teacher or the master shows the way, and it's up to the disciple or the student to find.’
      follower, adherent, believer, admirer, devotee, acolyte, votary
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/dəˈsīpəl/ /dəˈsaɪpəl/


Old English, from Latin discipulus ‘learner’, from discere ‘learn’; reinforced by Old French deciple.