Definition of discoidal in English:



See discoid

  • ‘The conch is thickly discoidal, with broadly convex sides and rounded venter with rounded ventral shoulders.’
  • ‘A distinguishing feature of the echinoids is that the ossicles imbricate and are fused into a globular or discoidal test; its flattened or concave oral side faces the substratum and the aboral side is arched in most species.’
  • ‘All known species of Capisocysta have a spheroidal rather than discoidal shape, and an equatorial flange is never present.’
  • ‘Of the five subphyla of the traditional scheme, the first is the Echinozoa, which are usually globose or discoidal in form.’
  • ‘The calcite typically occurs as colorless to white discoidal crystals about 4 cm across; however, individual crystals to 30 cm are known.’