Definition of disconfirm in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Show that (a belief or hypothesis) is not or may not be true.

    ‘Cohen may have found evidence disconfirming the hypothesis’
    • ‘If reality was going to be in such poor form as to disconfirm their belief, they would find a way to make belief and reality match.’
    • ‘Research validates or disconfirms theory, thereby leading to its refinement and modification.’
    • ‘It seems that people usually feel no need to question their developing beliefs, and that evidence which might disconfirm them is ignored.’
    • ‘But even when we don't actively seek out evidence which confirms our favorite meta-truths and screen out evidence which disconfirms them, we can still manage to preserve our favorite impression.’
    • ‘The theory had to do with the ways in which people respond when a belief that they zealously endorse is disconfirmed.’
    • ‘This finding, rather than disconfirming the scarcity and enhancement hypotheses, may instead suggest that both scarcity and enhancement processes occur and can balance each other.’
    • ‘Therefore, if someone acts in a way that challenges or disconfirms their attitude, they are likely to change their attitude.’
    • ‘Of course, none of this disconfirms the standard theorem that the intersection of a circle and a tangent is a single point.’
    • ‘For example, students and professors were in agreement that students sitting at the front of a class make better grades; in reality, this notion had been disconfirmed several years earlier.’
    • ‘Previous research neither confirmed nor disconfirmed the existence of a link between teamwork and patients' outcomes.’
    • ‘It does not state hypotheses in a way that might permit the reader to judge whether they are supported or disconfirmed by the facts.’
    • ‘His sense of self-preservation requires his conception to be veridical, and is threatened when it is disconfirmed.’
    • ‘Thus the expectation that as a veteran teacher I would have ample time for research was disconfirmed.’
    • ‘This triangulation of information will help school practitioners make better decisions about students or programs because data from one source can help confirm or disconfirm information from another.’
    • ‘I tried to confirm or disconfirm each interaction with at least two different managers.’
    • ‘In search of an answer, I sought biographical details that might confirm or disconfirm my thinking.’
    • ‘In other words, the dynamics of conversation may provide a test procedure to confirm or disconfirm a particular analysis.’
    • ‘You cannot disconfirm religion or prove science by doing an analysis of the host.’
    • ‘Contrary to what has been claimed, the theory is not insulated against attempts to disconfirm it.’
    • ‘That linkage, once made, may serve to confirm, modify, or completely disconfirm.’
    reconsider, review, re-examine, reassess, re-evaluate, reappraise, rethink, think over, take another look at, take a fresh look at, look at in a different light, have another think about



/ˌdiskənˈfərm/ /ˌdɪskənˈfərm/