Definition of discussant in English:



  • A person who takes part in a discussion, especially a prearranged one.

    ‘discussants from Europe provided a wide range of perspectives on the topic’
    • ‘A core of invited extramural scientists will serve as primary discussants to address the conference objectives.’
    • ‘Speakers, panelists, and discussants at these events could come from both inside and outside the campus community, but all would be invited because they advocated diverse points of view.’
    • ‘Perhaps we - the various discussants - ought to decide to critique one or two children's programs.’
    • ‘Who do some of the discussants blame for the fakery?’
    • ‘What arises from it is a mix of affinities and disaffinities, a network of discussants who don't necessarily share the same world view.’
    • ‘The discussants brought a good mix of backgrounds and experience to the table, and it was a very interesting evening.’
    • ‘Of course, each of the discussants articulated these thoughts in different ways.’
    • ‘The most interesting work experience was having to be a discussant for three erudite papers the afternoon that I landed in Budapest.’
    • ‘This volume is comprised of the papers presented at the workshop, response papers by discussants, as well as transcripts of the general discussions that followed each session.’
    • ‘Participants will be involved as discussants on issues matching their interest and expertise.’
    • ‘Farnell was invited to be a discussant, but had to cancel plans to attend in person at the last minute.’
    • ‘Depending on weather conditions, the discussants predicted, severe shortages of food and potable water could exceed the capacity of relief organizations to respond and might even stress international markets.’
    • ‘To determine how insightful our scholarly activity is for the professionals whom we study, the discussants will include working artists from the visual and performing arts.’
    • ‘Of the eighty-three discussants, 20 percent came from the South.’
    • ‘How I wished these two sets of discussants could get together!’
    • ‘The entire group acts as the final discussants on the topic.’
    • ‘As far as this panel discussion is concerned, I would like to put three questions on the table for the discussants.’
    • ‘The discussants of my article have commented in a kindly manner and in the spirit in which my paper was originally written.’
    • ‘There doesn't seem to be any disagreement about this among your discussants.’
    • ‘There are many more problems with inflation, but the discussants grow weary.’