Definition of disease-ridden in English:



  • Full of or causing disease.

    ‘disease-ridden vermin’
    • ‘crowded, disease-ridden conditions’
    • ‘Foer became politicised, he tells us, by a visit to an industrialised turkey farm, crowded, filthy, disease-ridden.’
    • ‘They argued that the city was not required to regularly conduct state-of-the-art inspections to determine whether trees were rotting or disease-ridden.’
    • ‘The prison, which consisted of seven underground dungeons and a day-room, was filthy, disease-ridden, and infested with vermin.’
    • ‘During the summer, the wives and children of politicians often avoided Washington, which had been built atop a disease-ridden swamp.’
    • ‘Light was blocked out, rubbish and pollution accumulated and the scheme soon descended into a foetid, disease-ridden mass of squalor and degradation.’
    • ‘Wild cats evolved into housecats, and they were quite useful for thousands of years, killing disease-ridden rats and mice and protecting our food stockpiles.’
    • ‘It's frightening when you think these needles could be disease-ridden.’
    • ‘The harsh regime resembled the worst British factories, except that it took place in a stifling and disease-ridden climate.’
    • ‘He considered himself fortunate that he had not been included in the earlier work parties that were sent up to cut the traces through the disease-ridden jungle.’
    • ‘Parents wanted safe, clean places to raise children rather than disease-ridden industrial cities.’