Definition of disease management in English:

disease management


  • A system that seeks to manage the chronic conditions of high-risk, high-cost patients as a group.

    • ‘The government moved to make an expert patient programme a centrepiece of the NHS approach to chronic disease management in the 21st century.’
    • ‘These are important even for simple prompting systems but are multiplied in the more complex systems needed for chronic disease management.’
    • ‘This suggests that the trend in the NHS towards larger general practices by itself has little impact on the quality of chronic disease management in primary care.’
    • ‘We believe that text message or email reminders of this kind will help to reduce many of the problems associated with clinic attendance and chronic disease management.’
    • ‘Imposing chronic disease management strategies on existing systems of care that are organised to address acute episodic illness is unlikely to be successful.’
    • ‘Would it be better managed by a chronic disease management model like that used for diabetes?’
    • ‘For example, nurses had a role in triage, prescribing, and chronic disease management.’
    • ‘Whether or not patients take the medications prescribed for them and how well doctors determine this is at the heart of chronic disease management.’
    • ‘Only two trials examined brief interventions for chronic disease management, and they found virtually no evidence to support their implementation.’
    • ‘The registries will also enable quality comparisons between hospitals and research into chronic disease management.’
    • ‘Consultants have a key role in chronic disease management as part of the extended care team.’
    • ‘It should be continuous, involving teaching, e-mail communication, and patient training in disease management.’
    • ‘As is clear from these papers, chronic disease management has evolved into a unique field of inquiry and an essential component of quality improvement efforts in health care.’
    • ‘Health professionals' attitudes are understandable given the focus on chronic disease management throughout the new GP contract.’
    • ‘It may not be feasible to introduce this model unless a practice has prior experience of chronic disease management and computerised records are used routinely.’
    • ‘Chronic disease management is costly, and therefore the most outstanding feature of longevity is that it has become a feature of national and personal wealth.’
    • ‘We pour vast energy into chronic disease management.’
    • ‘Clearly more research is needed to clarify the potential contributions of social work to chronic disease management.’
    • ‘We believe that such systems could be generically applied to most, if not all, forms of chronic disease management.’
    • ‘Most of these systems were originally developed to provide advice to clinicians about diagnoses or disease management.’