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intransitive verb

[no object]
  • Leave a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.

    ‘the passengers began to disembark’
    • ‘Only one passenger disembarks and the train goes off, leaving him alone in the cavernous hallways.’
    • ‘The building which houses the west wing of the hotel was first built in 1935 as a hostel to accommodate passengers disembarking from shipping liners at the port.’
    • ‘One passenger disembarked from the train while it was still moving and a mother dropped a wheelchair ramp on to her son's foot.’
    • ‘On disembarking from the ship, the passengers will be welcomed by music from a local piper and each visitor will be presented with a city map, highlighting points of interests.’
    • ‘A group of twenty or so passengers could be seen disembarking from the ship and passing through the gates which dwarfed them.’
    • ‘You may stay aboard the ship all day or disembark at any stop.’
    • ‘When he was finally arrested, disembarking from a train at a New York station, he was carrying a loaded semi-automatic gun in his suitcase.’
    • ‘Hikers can be seen disembarking at the train station and marching in a line straight through town to the trails.’
    • ‘The people who disembarked from the ship were not at all happy to enter a cold, foggy London.’
    • ‘You will travel for a while until you reach a waypoint, at which you will disembark from the ships and travel on foot to the stronghold.’
    • ‘Fire and ambulance crews were put on alert but the 56 passengers and four crew were able to disembark via two exits down aircraft steps.’
    • ‘Silently the friends drew into a group when the passengers began to disembark.’
    • ‘So they disembarked and began walking through the airport terminal corridor to a small waiting room.’
    • ‘We landed, disembarked and entered the terminal building, a dank shell of gnawed concrete.’
    • ‘The camera fast tracks along a London train station platform as the passengers disembark and rush toward us.’
    • ‘The passengers are disembarking at the moment.’
    • ‘Trouble flared after the group were taken off the plane and kept in a cordoned-off area while other passengers disembarked.’
    • ‘Foot passengers had already disembarked when the suspicious package was found on a car deck.’
    • ‘We watched the passengers disembark, then asked the steward for shore passes.’
    • ‘The remaining troops disembarked in darkness, and on the following morning began the advance inland.’
    get off, step off, leave
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/ˌdisemˈbärk/ /ˌdɪsɛmˈbɑrk/


Late 16th century from French désembarquer, Spanish desembarcar, or Italian disimbarcare, based on Latin barca ‘ship's boat’.