Definition of disenchanted in English:


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  • Disappointed by someone or something previously respected or admired; disillusioned.

    ‘he became disenchanted with his erstwhile ally’
    • ‘there are a lot of disenchanted music fans out there’
    • ‘Rather than walking out determined to help save wildlife, they go away disenchanted.’
    • ‘His people skills have been bolstered by a new bond with disenchanted voters.’
    • ‘A lot of us in the environmental movement are absolutely disenchanted with the old approach.’
    • ‘Large swathes of the Protestant population are disenchanted by the peace process.’
    • ‘Landau is also not afraid to allow disenchanted Cuban citizens to speak their minds.’
    • ‘Foreign policy professionals are thoroughly disenchanted with the current team.’
    • ‘Of course not everyone is disenchanted with our peerless leader.’
    • ‘The toiling masses are disenchanted in their national illusions; they are discouraged, discontented, angry.’
    • ‘Many people are disenchanted with all of the mainstream parties.’
    • ‘I had become massively disenchanted with the direction I thought education was taking.’
    • ‘Fans have generally become disenchanted with the way the WICB runs cricket in the Caribbean.’
    • ‘Disenchanted, he increasingly wondered about the life of a professional comic.’
    • ‘Tolstoy was lucky in the sense that he had no occasion to feel disenchanted.’
    • ‘Snively was likely one of the many prospectors who became disenchanted with the gold fields of California.’
    • ‘The disenchanted mother of another successful racer who is switching careers tells me things look grim for Valérie.’
    • ‘In college, Horwich studied zoology, but he quickly became disenchanted.’
    • ‘After the release of her first album she became disenchanted with the politics of music.’
    • ‘This does not include the substantial layer of disenchanted workers that have given up looking for work.’
    • ‘A year later it appears to many disenchanted voters that the change was simply cosmetic.’
    • ‘He was himself disenchanted with scholastic teaching.’



/ˌdisənˈCHan(t)əd/ /ˌdɪsənˈtʃæn(t)əd/