Definition of disencumber in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Free from or relieve of an encumbrance.

    ‘it would disencumber the world of a plague’
    • ‘We reckoned the improvements of the art of war among the triumphs of science, and yet Napoleon conquered Europe by the bivouac, which consisted of falling back on naked valor, and disencumbering it of all aids.’
    • ‘If the group is too large for shame, for civic virtue, indeed, even for patriotism, the way of the powerful, visionary, and disencumbered man is clear.’
    • ‘Now they talk about disencumbering yourself from relationships and situations that prevent you from having a peak experience.’
    • ‘She ultimately gives up men's meals of cooked meat for a lighter raw diet of women's fare, thus disencumbering herself of male ideology.’
    • ‘The very act of ‘disencumbering’ themselves to reach this position left them with little support.’
    extract, free, release, disentangle, get out, remove, withdraw, let loose, loosen, unloose, detach, disengage, disencumber, untwine, disentwine, unfasten, unclasp, disconnect



/ˌdisənˈkəmbər/ /ˌdɪsənˈkəmbər/