Definition of disentombment in English:



See disentomb

‘In addition, disinterment or disentombment is costly and burdensome.’
  • ‘We are now faced with disentombment and burial in the ground after an unbelievable disrespect to every unfortunate person that is emtombed in this mausoleum.’
  • ‘Not only was a disentombment not attempted, but the tomb was never even venerated - a practice which was very common at the time.’
  • ‘Next to the splendid discoveries effected in recent times by the disentombment of the monuments of Assyria and Chaldaea, the curiosity and interest of ethnologists might be reasonably supposed to be concerned in the probable existence, in the present day, of descendants of some branches of the Assyrians or Chaldaeans of old in the same neighbourhoods.’