Definition of disgraced in English:


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  • Having fallen from favor or a position of power or honor; discredited.

    ‘the disgraced Wall Street financier’
    • ‘Whilst they were finally beaten by a better side Trojans were by no means disgraced.’
    • ‘All eyes are on the fate of the disgraced tycoon.’
    • ‘Unlike many of the disgraced chiefs of the stock-market boom, he put his own money on the line.’
    • ‘Four of the disgraced warriors from the first encounter attempt to regain their honor by attacking the party from the rear.’
    • ‘The disgraced former governor of Illinois lands a six-figure book deal.’
    • ‘US officials in particular are anxious that he is not disgraced now.’
    • ‘This point of view was supported by Celestine V, the disgraced predecessor of Boniface VIII.’
    • ‘Dau was one of only a handful who defiantly, once a month, visited the disgraced scientist.’
    • ‘It could also lead to a lengthy ban for the disgraced player.’
    • ‘The ruler soon changed his mind and decided to reinstate the disgraced minister.’
    • ‘We may be disappointed but we have not been disgraced.’
    • ‘He has disgraced himself and his school time and time again, and even disgraced America with his conduct at the Pan-Am games.’
    • ‘But once the book was published, my mother felt disgraced and my sister's family relations became strained.’
    • ‘They ploughed away and were far from disgraced with the result.’
    • ‘For a disgraced wizard, Mitofsky is fairly open.’
    • ‘Wooed by a man with dishonorable intentions, she found herself unwed, disgraced, and cast out.’
    • ‘As for Law himself, he died, alone and disgraced, and was buried in a pauper's grave.’
    • ‘You will be disgraced, fired, and potentially arrested.’
    • ‘During that time, President Nixon was disgraced, and resigned along with his VP Spiro Agnew.’
    • ‘It was interesting to see that the Chinese invited back the disgraced Nixon after he left the White House in 1974.’



/disˈɡrāst/ /dɪsˈɡreɪst/