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‘The travellers, who included eight adults, eight children plus a newborn baby, told the Gazette they had been treated disgracefully and had been the victims of racial abuse and false allegations.’
  • ‘‘A number of politicians have behaved disgracefully and then compounded their offences by trying to evade responsibility,’ she said.’
  • ‘Most mornings, particularly around the weekend, this area is disgracefully littered with fast food bags, boxes, cartons and drinks containers.’
  • ‘A guarantee is only as good as the people who give it, and in this case it appears we have been duped twice - first by the supplier and more disgracefully by a highly reputable manufacturer.’
  • ‘They are not impartial and they fall disgracefully short of what is required following the worst debacle in agricultural history in this country.’



/disˈɡrāsf(ə)lē/ /dɪsˈɡreɪsf(ə)li/