Definition of disgustful in English:



old-fashioned term for disgusting
‘For if these things when happening in the body are disgustful, much more when in the soul.’
  • ‘But she did see that her parents treated her differently from her brothers, and she did notice the disgustful looks of those who had been in charge of her care.’
  • ‘We frequently meet with many that are not only vicious, but disgustful, and have nothing of that by which Cicero is desirous they should be distinguished.’
  • ‘These proceedings of theirs, the difficulty of access to them on office-business, and a supercilious behavior, rendered them disgustful to people in general, who in consequence thereof treated them with neglect.’
  • ‘As hunger is appeased by eating (derivation of pleasure) still excessive eating may cause obesity to disgustful feeling or even aversion towards food (indication of pain), which again is a form of instinctive pain followed by the instinctive pleasure.’