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dish antenna

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  • A receiver or transmitter of electromagnetic energy, especially microwaves or radio waves, that consists of a reflector shaped like a shallow dish.

    ‘Dealers who have been selling the digital receiver and dish antenna needed for DTH have reported good demand for these products, indicating its growing popularity.’
    • ‘A dish antenna and an electronic system embedded in a flat small box, called the set-top box, are the essential parts.’
    • ‘Then, to his surprise, the tiny dish antenna on top started searching the sky for a receiver.’
    • ‘It has an 84-foot diameter, mechanically steered dish antenna and is capable of transmitting a peak power of two million watts at each of its two frequencies.’
    • ‘Because the pan-tilt pointing system of the shuttle's high-gain dish antenna was considered unreliable, NASA approved a backup plan for orienting the antenna directly towards a relay satellite.’
    • ‘Besides the dish antenna, you need a set-top box and a few related gadgets, which will let you view only the channels you want to watch and for which you are prepared to pay.’
    • ‘In addition, a smaller dish antenna would be enough.’
    • ‘Current systems rely on Doppler radar with a dish antenna that rotates to scan the surrounding terrain.’
    • ‘Communications were aided by a large metal dish antenna mounted on the back.’
    • ‘This means that it is not enough to just have a dish antenna to catch the Sports channel.’
    • ‘A dish antenna will be placed on an existing chimney and ground level works will also be completed.’
    • ‘The satellite is providing more than 50 channels of crystal clear digital audio programming transmitted directly into portable receivers containing small built-in 10-centimeter dish antennas, he added.’
    • ‘If the landlord doesn't approve and permit satellite dish TV, under the rules and regulations, renters have the right to install dish antennas in permissible areas.’
    • ‘Alternatively, the downlinks are carried through a smaller number of large dish antennas and distributed terrestrially.’
    • ‘Some of them had put up their dish antennas and set up 14-inch television boxes to enable them monitor the event as it unfolded.’