Definition of dish the dirt in English:

dish the dirt


  • Reveal or spread scandal or gossip.

    ‘he was happy to dish the dirt on his rival’
    • ‘Meanwhile a drag artist has set up a fitness studio which dishes the dirt on celebs while clients work out.’
    • ‘They're dishing the dirt on their former bosses, revealing juicy details about their egos, failings and potentially illegal behaviour.’
    • ‘What he won't be doing is dishing the dirt on the local MPs he hobnobs with every day in the course of his work.’
    • ‘She dishes the dirt on another home secretary’
    • ‘Why have they taken three months to dish the dirt on you?’
    • ‘Some scenes, like those where the womenfolk do each other's hair and dish the dirt on their men, are rare and genuine moments.’
    • ‘Still, he does not appear to go out of his way to dish the dirt.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's post-summer holiday blues, but there are plenty of people ready to dish the dirt on their chosen trade.’
    • ‘On eviction you will also be required to visit the diary room to vent your spleen and dish the dirt as you see fit.’
    • ‘The newspaper reports that another whistleblower could be about to dish the dirt.’
    divulge, disclose, tell, let out, let slip, let drop, let fall, give away, give the game away, give the show away, blurt, blurt out, babble, give out, release, leak, betray, open up, unveil, bring out into the open