Definition of dishcloth gourd in English:

dishcloth gourd


dialect US
another term for loofah
‘The smooth luffa which is without ribs is commonly known as dishcloth gourd or sponge gourd.’
  • ‘The vegetable sponge, or dishcloth gourd, has a fibrous interior that can be dried and used as a sponge.’
  • ‘The fruit, or loofah, also is known as the dishcloth gourd, rag gourd, or vegetable sponge.’
  • ‘Less dignified, though more descriptive, names for this tropical climbing or trailing herb are dishcloth gourd and vegetable gourd.’
  • ‘The fruit of the loofah, also known as the sponge or dishcloth gourd, is familiar as a coarse mesh sponge used in the bath.’


dishcloth gourd

/ˈdiSHˌklôTH ɡôrd/ /ˈdɪʃˌklɔθ ɡɔrd/