Definition of dishdasha in English:


(also dishdash)


  • A long robe with long sleeves, worn by men from the Arabian peninsula.

    • ‘Many of the men wore white skullcaps and long white robes, dishdashas, and the women were either scarved and covered or in the full abaya, a black nunlike garb.’
    • ‘For men, this consists of an ankle-length robe called a dishdasha or kandura.’
    • ‘The primary article of clothing for both Bedu men and women is the dishdasha, a long gown worn by most Arabs that covers the body from the base of the neck to the wrists and ankles.’
    • ‘About half the men sport the dishdashas, the long, white robe, with or without the kaffiyeh on their heads.’
    • ‘He wears a traditional dishdasha all year round and on cold days, a worn leather jacket and a black wool cap he pulls down over his ears.’
    cloak, wrap, mantle, cape, kaftan


Late 19th century from Arabic dišdāša.