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  • Having the shape of a dish; concave.

    ‘overloaded timber floors are likely to sag, producing a dished or sloping floor surface’
    • ‘They are pretty little things with floating manes and dished faces; not quite the angry war horses you would imagine from the tribesmen's descriptions.’
    • ‘Use a leveling compound in all the low and dished areas, and then allow it to dry before installing the underlayment.’
    • ‘Their large, wide splayed hooves kept them from sinking in, and their dished faces and large nostrils helped them to breath the hot air, filtering out the sand.’
    • ‘During the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries it was customary for iron clubs to have a curved or dished face, which promoted easy lofting of the ball.’
    • ‘Horses clattered through the whiteness, their backs and foreheads sporting melting ice dribbling over their dished faces.’



/diSHt/ /dɪʃt/