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(British dishonourably)

See dishonorable

‘I think I have a much more tempestuous and eventful amorous life than the average middle-class citizen, but I wouldn't agree that I necessarily behaved dishonourably.’
  • ‘I acted dishonourably and now is the time to act honourably.’
  • ‘Part of him, the public servant, knows that he is acting dishonourably, but his conscience tells him that he has no other option.’
  • ‘Did he act dishonorably, is that what you are saying?’
  • ‘Taking away an honor from those who have acted dishonorably is not offensive - it's retaining them in a position of honor that is offensive.’



/disˈän(ə)rəblē/ /dɪsˈɑn(ə)rəbli/