Definition of dishpan in English:



North American
  • A bowl in which dishes are washed.

    • ‘Last summer they added pre-camp activities such as meal planning and shopping, and boiling the wash water and washing the dishes in two dishpans as camp-based chores.’
    • ‘They proceed to share the dishpan happily, and wash the dishes together.’
    • ‘In the kitchen center, Bailey had dumped all the plastic dishes out of the dishpan and was using it as a boat, scooting across the floor to destinations unknown.’
    • ‘With a soapy hand, Inger swiped back the strand of hair straggling across her forehead and put the final pot into the dishpan.’
    • ‘She made it to the kitchen and was loading the dishpan, when it occurred to her that she could send those boys straight around back to the basement door.’
    • ‘She had moved to the sink and was running water into the dishpan.’
    • ‘Since the 1950s, jumps had persistently turned up in weather and climate models, whether built from rotating dishpans or from sets of equations run through computers.’
    • ‘His mother kept a list of those wanting fish, and neighbors would heat up their griddles and line up with their dishpans upon Grant's return.’
    • ‘Bring two dishpans, one containing sand and the other holding a flat rock.’
    • ‘Place a plastic dishpan under the drain trap to catch standing water as you either remove the drain plug (if there is one) or disconnect the trap.’
    • ‘Place one of the large coffee cans in the dishpan.’
    • ‘The dishpan filled with bubbles, and she watched them for several minutes in silence before she trusted her voice enough to speak.’
    • ‘Next time I'll rent a roof carrier and bring a few more handy items, starting with a plastic dishpan, our own axe, and a kite.’
    • ‘Helen and I hauled dirty dishes out to the pump in front of the house where Mother had thoughtfully placed the dishpan.’
    • ‘Put about an inch of cornmeal in a plastic dishpan.’