Definition of dishpan hands in English:

dishpan hands

plural noun

  • Red, rough, or chapped hands caused by sensitivity to or excessive use of household detergents or other cleaning agents.

    • ‘We don't have extra cash lying around to buy appliances with so we've been hand washing dishes for a few weeks and for the first time in my life I have dishpan hands.’
    • ‘Once staff had recovered from dishpan hands and the challenge of learning new work routines, we celebrated with a barbecue to thank everyone for their efforts.’
    • ‘She knew and agreed that that's what she now had - dishpan hands.’
    • ‘They may look like dishpan hands, and are irritated and worsened by water and cleanser exposure.’
    • ‘Dishpan hands are a common form of contact dermatitis caused by hands' being immersed repeatedly in soapy water.’