Definition of dishrag in English:



North American
  • A dishcloth.

    • ‘Jonah and Sally lingered behind, holding dishrags over their noses to block the horrid smell of brimstone.’
    • ‘There were heaps of dishrags in the kitchen so I grabbed one and scrubbed away at my pants.’
    • ‘‘Hello, Stephen,’ she said, without looking up; she continued moving her wet dishrag in a circular motion on the lunch dishes.’
    • ‘Joanne smiled and gratefully handed me a dishrag.’
    • ‘For days after I came up with that fable, my son pleaded, ‘Tell me the story again about the dishrag.’’
    • ‘Please, Molly, put down the dishrag and pick up the phone.’
    • ‘She wiped her hands and threw the dishrag on the counter.’
    • ‘Mom came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a dishrag.’
    • ‘Scowling, I took back my dishrag and turned on the coffee machine.’
    • ‘I picked up the dishrag again and went running around the kitchen.’
    • ‘Nora grabbed a dishrag and began to clean off the table, sighing in frustration as Chris refused to move his elbows as she wiped.’
    • ‘I felt tears sting my eyes and I found a dishrag to cover my face with.’
    • ‘Ethan rushed over to her, grabbing a dishrag and wetting it fast, then wrapping it around Lisette's hand.’
    • ‘She put down the dishrag she'd been holding and walked toward the door.’
    • ‘I look up to see my mom in a pair of sweats and a dishrag in her hand.’
    • ‘I took my place next to her with a dishrag, dutifully drying each mug and dish as Mami washed them in the suds beside me.’
    • ‘Nora groaned loudly and threw her dishrag on the table, then headed outside.’
    • ‘Then he pulls out a bunch of ice and places it into the dishrag, and gives it to Brian for his eye.’
    • ‘He took the dishrag from my hand and pitched it into the sink.’
    • ‘He stood behind the bar, cleaning shot glasses with a tattered old dishrag.’