Definition of disinfest in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Rid (someone or something) of infesting vermin.

    ‘researchers have found a way of disinfesting farm produce’
    • ‘Irradiation, one option for disinfesting the fruit, doesn't comply with organic produce standards.’
    • ‘In studies, her group tried many combinations of temperature and incremental heating rates before settling on two optimal treatments to disinfest fruit.’
    • ‘Entomologist Lisa G. Neven is providing practical, affordable techniques to packers to disinfest these premium fruits.’
    • ‘Our search continues for new, safe, and powerful ways to disinfest fields where these crops are planted.’
    • ‘Like the previous one, this coach has also been disinfested.’
    • ‘The communicability period lasts until the infected person has been treated and all infected body surfaces and surrounding environment have been disinfested.’
    • ‘Japan is particularly stringent about what phytosanitary methods it will accept for disinfesting fresh produce.’
    • ‘This project aims to develop alternative lettuce-friendly postharvest quarantine treatments based on vacuum and controlled atmospheres to disinfest lettuce of insects.’
    • ‘The efficacy of the isolated phage to disinfest seed potato tubers artificially inoculated with a common scab-causing streptomycete was evaluated.’



/ˌdisənˈfest/ /ˌdɪsənˈfɛst/