Definition of disinflationary in English:




See disinflation

  • ‘After all, interest rate setting has its ambiguities too - do lower rates imply expansionary policy or simply a validation of disinflationary pressures?’
  • ‘Further efforts to deregulate and privatize would help; but increased regulation and government ownership of productive resources could undermine, and even reverse, the disinflationary process.’
  • ‘While I judge this to be an unlikely outcome, the current behavior of consumers would be consistent with creating a dynamic that supports disinflationary trends in the economy.’
  • ‘In fact, the heavy issuance of government debt in a disinflationary environment with the Fed reducing interest rates, created additional financial wealth like magic.’
  • ‘But other factors, such as disinflationary pressures in the global economy or supply-side developments may also have helped to keep inflation low.’