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‘She disingenuously refers to them as ex-felons, which is incorrect since the law holds that once someone is a felon, he remains one.’
  • ‘‘Well I can clear that one up for you - no, he definitely isn't,’ I replied disingenuously, but she didn't seem convinced.’
  • ‘There are places in this country whose media outlets are disingenuously labeled with different names but owned by one corporation thousands of miles away.’
  • ‘With numbing frequency, Pawlenty disingenuously noted that last year's biennial budget was about to rise by 14 percent.’
  • ‘The recent ruling disingenuously uses the fact that the two roles are played by the same person to say that the roles are no different, that the one subsumes the other.’



/ˌdisənˈjenyəwəslē/ /ˌdɪsənˈdʒɛnjəwəsli/