Definition of disinhibition in English:



See disinhibit

  • ‘Is that sort of radical interpersonal disinhibition so tightly bound up with the creative and productive instincts of the entrepreneur that stifling it to an excessive extent will also kill productivity and creativity?’
  • ‘I consider the probability is that his loss of self control was at least due to a significant degree to his disinhibition as a result of the alcohol and drugs he had taken on that day.’
  • ‘Obviously to work as she has done, some disinhibition is needed, but this can be a position the artist assumes rather than because they are naturally or compulsively disinhibited.’
  • ‘Onset is insidious and course is slowly progressive. Psychiatric manifestations occur early and include social inappropriateness, disinhibition, delusions, ritualistic behavior, and mood disorders.’
  • ‘For women, situational disinhibition (measured as experience and role modeling) combines with prior plans (intentions and pacts) to determine whether casual sex will occur.’