Definition of disintegrator in English:



See disintegrate

  • ‘These are the wreckers of outworn empires and civilizations, doubters, disintegrators, deicides.’
  • ‘Lasers, phasers, disintegrators, particle disruptors - these were the predictions for future warfare held by the ancients.’
  • ‘Cholesterol was added to the diet by homogenizing the insoluble cholesterol with an ultrasonic disintegrator or preparing gelatin/acacia microcapsules with and without cholesterol using triolein as a carrier.’
  • ‘It is a subtle yet powerful disintegrator, source of hallucinations and the deceptive forces of the subconscious mind.’
  • ‘Luckily, you have an armoury that gets larger every mission, from a basic probe to block-levelling ion charges and disintegrator rays.’