Definition of disinterment in English:



See disinter

‘In some cases the long-revered bones were found to be fabrications of wax or plaster: films of the disinterments were shown throughout the republic and were a persuasive anti-religious weapon.’
  • ‘But after December 4, when he witnessed the disinterment of four American women murdered by Salvadoran soldiers, his life would never be the same.’
  • ‘A state of expectation is growing in Spain regarding the disinterment of the body of the great Spanish poet, author and playwright, Federico Garcia Lorca.’
  • ‘The team tours the countryside, organising digs and disinterments and, as they try to find the dead sons of forgotten families, they wonder at the sense and scale of their task.’
  • ‘But its exploration of the past is more than a disinterment, an autopsy explaining the death of American promise.’



/ˌdis(ə)nˈtərmənt/ /ˌdɪs(ə)nˈtərmənt/