Definition of disinvest in English:



[no object]
  • Withdraw or reduce an investment.

    ‘the oil industry began to disinvest, and oil share prices have fallen’
    with object ‘they opposed the move to disinvest shares’
    • ‘The Prime Minister's announcement of not disinvesting in the oil sector has earned him the loyalty of millions of social activists and public sector employees.’
    • ‘I seek leave to table the same survey, which shows that the vast majority of businesses are more likely to be investing in growth for the future than disinvesting.’
    • ‘Employees from a number of state-owned banks in the Punjab city of Jalandar also held a massive demonstration on July 20 against any government moves to privatise, merge or disinvest from the companies.’
    • ‘Conversely, the Inland analysis reinforces other research that shows that disinvesting in the product is predictive of declining circulation and revenues.’
    • ‘Funding is a special challenge now, because governments in many countries are disinvesting in higher education.’
    • ‘It is time to stop disinvesting in education, and start putting education at the top of our social and economic agenda.’
    • ‘Said Rosenstiel: ‘If you disinvest, you'll actually erode your circulation, your penetration, and your revenues, and you will liquidate the business.’’
    • ‘He explains: ‘The only way to stop this genocide now is for a mass campaign to force multinationals to disinvest from the country.’’
    • ‘The decision to disinvest in these stocks was taken as part of a regular review of university shareholdings.’
    • ‘The company, which produces everything from light bulbs to the nuclear power plants that illuminate them, appeared willing to disinvest from its military engines division in order to win approval from Europe.’
    • ‘A conventional approach would compare hysterectomy and fertility services against the prioritisation principles to inform a decision about whether to disinvest in fertility services.’
    • ‘The message is that it will not disinvest blindly but selectively and that there will be a board to guide the Government on these matters.’
    • ‘The main aim of the company will be to corner a large chunk of the stake the government is proposing to disinvest in the open market.’
    • ‘This may all sound very obvious but due to the closed system which constitutes the world capital markets, whatever funds are disinvested in one area have to be reinvested in another.’
    • ‘The deal will serve as a template for the government as it moves to disinvest itself of all its banking interests over the next four years.’
    • ‘Once mining leases for these areas were wrested, steel ministry had plans of disinvesting in these units.’