Definition of disinvite in English:



[with object]
  • Withdraw or cancel an invitation to.

    ‘the White House called to disinvite him from the President's party’
    • ‘We aren't saying to disinvite them, but if they only receive the formal invitation then no harm done.’
    • ‘She says: ‘You can't come to the party, I'm disinviting you to the party.’’
    • ‘He was so hated he was disinvited to several funerals.’
    • ‘Almost as soon as philosophy was invited, it was disinvited.’
    • ‘And then, having explicitly disinvited me, he graciously allows me to pick up the tab in the form of my taxes.’
    • ‘They will have to keep their money there even if Russia is disinvited from the G - 7.’
    • ‘And yet, to date, the backlash against their views has amounted to being disinvited to the Baseball Hall of Fame.’
    • ‘And he notes that the Socialists have disinvited Americans from an annual military parade.’
    • ‘Fliers for the event with my picture were printed up, but then I was disinvited.’
    • ‘And if you had to do it over again, you would not disinvite the governor.’
    • ‘The Union voted to force the sponsors to disinvite him.’
    • ‘It seems early enough at this point that you could still disinvite him.’
    • ‘Only when the Congressional investigations started, Ford evidently felt he had to distance himself from the Agency, so Dave was basically disinvited.’
    • ‘Ephram is despondent when he is disinvited to a party by Amy's popular friends, and Delia struggles with the school bully.’
    • ‘The rest of the conversation was fairly short, now that James had respectfully disinvited himself.’
    • ‘I have declined to speak for certain companies, and have disinvited companies to the office.’
    • ‘Being aware of the linguistic practices in an interview that disinvite young people from feeling safe or understood is perhaps the second most important intervention.’
    • ‘Ah, if only other teams had the foresight to disinvite certain players from the play-offs before they started.’