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(also disc-shaped)
  • Flat, thin, and circular like a disk.

    ‘Sickle cell anaemia is an inherited disease in which the red blood cells, normally disc-shaped, become crescent-shaped.’
    • ‘The second miniature shows a couple embracing, seated on a stone bench in front of a starry sky with a disc-shaped moon.’
    • ‘Visitors enter a large disc-shaped air-conditioned cabin with a single row of seats all-around.’
    • ‘Large, lumpy disc-shaped fossils were also found to be abundant.’
    • ‘The disc-shaped red blood cells contain hemoglobin, a unique molecule that carries oxygen to the body's tissues.’
    • ‘These unusual, disc-shaped formations, which look uncannily like flying saucers, are formed during windy, muggy weather conditions and usually appear near mountains.’
    • ‘Many reports in this latest file describe aircraft as big, black and triangular in shape with lights along the edges, whereas the predominant form in the 1940 s to 1950 s was saucer or disc-shaped.’
    • ‘The grains are generally disc-shaped and clear to light brown in colour.’
    • ‘The UFO was disc-shaped and had a bright spot in its center.’
    • ‘None of the armed forces is conducting secret experiments with disk-shaped flying objects that could be a basis for the reported phenomena.’
    • ‘About seven disk-shaped snails were seen in the pool.’
    • ‘The shapes of these adsorbed liposomes do not appear spherical, but rather disk-shaped.’
    • ‘That same day, Wright Field admitted it was checking stories of disk-shaped missiles seen recently in the Pacific northwest and in Texas.’
    • ‘Scientists had long assumed that the bat manages to hold on to the leaf by using four disk-shaped structures - one on each wrist and ankle - as suction cups.’
    • ‘To their shock, a large, glowing, golden-orange, disk-shaped object, with a large halo of white around the craft, rose up in the distance and stopped and hovered.’
    round, disc-shaped, disc-like