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  • A flexible removable magnetic disk for storing data; a floppy disk.

    ‘The first disk drives used 8’ floppy diskettes with a storage capacity of less than 100 kilobytes.’
    • ‘About 1,500 police officers searched more than 500 homes throughout Germany this week, seizing computers, videotapes, compact discs and diskettes, the officials said.’
    • ‘If you have a diskette in the floppy drive, the eject button extends rather far, preventing you from storing a disk in the drive while the computer is in its carrying case.’
    • ‘Although this is an article about remote Linux, and a diskette is a local media, there is a hybrid of remote booting that is so important it must be mentioned.’
    • ‘Always take the opportunity to make a boot diskette when Linux gives you that option.’
    • ‘CD-ROMs, diskettes, and network-based delivery to terminals and workstations have been available for at least 20 years.’
    • ‘Using the software is easy - insert the self-booting diskette into drive A, then turn on or reboot the computer.’
    • ‘These floppy diskettes while a blessing relative to earlier technology had limited storage capacity and were easily scratched causing them to lose information that may have taken days to retype.’
    • ‘And suppose that employee may have spent the better part of the past week copying files off the server and onto diskettes.’
    • ‘The installation step continues with password setup and some recommendations such as creating a boot diskette.’
    • ‘On the downside, MS-DOS is now so well hidden that it's a bit of an uphill task to create a boot diskette for tasks such as BIOS updating.’
    • ‘It was low-tech and unreliable - we had to exchange diskettes with customers.’
    • ‘A diskette was in the drive, and could not be read or removed.’
    • ‘A good off-the-shelf anti-virus program is easy to install and will scan hard drives, diskettes, web files and e-mails to detect potential threats.’



/disˈket/ /dɪsˈkɛt/