Definition of dislodgeable in English:



See dislodge

‘After a set period of time, they measured ‘dislodgeable foliar and volatile residues’.’
  • ‘However, if people are concerned about dislodgeable residues, they can use the following precautions.’
  • ‘Nevertheless, gloves should be worn, to avoid splinters, and so that any sawdust or dislodgeable arsenic collecting on the gloves can be easily removed with the gloves before eating or smoking.’
  • ‘The amount that leaches is enough to contaminate soil immediately below and next to the wood structure, and to leave a residual coating of dislodgeable arsenic on the wood surface.’
  • ‘These studies have shown less than 10% of the pesticide applied is dislodgeable after the application has dried, and generally less than 1% is dislodgeable the following day.’